Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hhee. here we go !! hihi. thanx Azie kasik kerja sambilan ni. miss you babe ~ :DD

status of you and the last person you sent a text to ? ;)))
do you have any plans for saturday? babeh. need to settle everything
when was the last time you got flowers?
during my convocation day
anyone ever seen you in your underwear?
my mum for sure hehe :D
Do you love anyone?
yes i do. i rili do ~
Are you sad or happy ?
extra happy.happy
Are you in love?
Have you read the book Twilight?
If you had a chance to get back together with your ex, would you?

sory. its better no.
Do you think your attractive?
am i ? hihhi~ :P
What do you like about yourself?
all. everything. i like being me.
my great life, great family, great babes, great friends.
oh. i love all of u ! *hugs*
Is there someone on your mind?
wondering hows miss chiha rite now. hope she's fine.
owez be happy darl. love you !
Do you think someone is talking behind your back?
Do you like it when guys have egos?
for me its ok. bt its better not to much.
Do you hate your friends?
NO ! i love all of them damn much !! xoxo
Do you remember your first crush's name?
oh. yess. my monkey love boifren! hahha :PP
What are you?
i'm a girl not yet a women ;)
did you kiss anyone today?
are you a mean person?
i'm not. bt same goes with u azie, yes to the mean pepel back. they deserve it.
are you excited for anything?

i'm excited for everything. my becoming new life !! :))))))
have you let someone down in the last week?
no one
are you close with your siblings?
very de
do you get along with your parents?
oh. i miss both of them muchie much. :(((((
are you in a good mood right now?
yep.yep. enjoying my nice day ! hehe. :DD
who was the last person you spoke on the phone for over an hour?
my dear cuzz last nyte. i forgot it was his bufday till he told me. haha. sory !~
do you like to make the first move?
its better not me
do you hate it when people smoke around you?
im fine with the smoking pepel. bt. i just hope they show more respect for non-smokers specially the girls and child.
whats something you really want right now, be honest
prosperity !! yummy~ :DD
whats the longest you've ever talked on the phone?
the whole nite without sleeping went to the office. uhh. so sleepy.
bt i do love talking with you :)))))))))))))
has anyone ever sang to you?
yess. playing guitar too. so sweet !
do you get emotional easily?
sometimes. honestly, i am easily in tears .rely. i cepat tersentuh. bt as the time passed. im grown up. i learn to control my emotion. getting better each day. i guess. hehe.
has anyone ever told you you have pretty eyes?
No. do i ? hahahhaa. :PP
is there a person of the opposite sex who means alot to you?
yes. :))))))))))
has someone ever made a promise to you and broken it?
cant recall
Who do you want someone back in your life?
no one. hepi enuf with person in my life. no turning back !

*7 fakta tentang aku
the name is Illi Ainaa bt Mohd Arif
sweet 21
extra ordinary
live simply
shines naturally
believe in love
believe in destiny

*7 perkara menakutkan aku di dunia
*7 lagu buat masa sekarang
estrella - stay
rossa - takdir cinta
jordin sparks - overcome
leona lewis - whatever it takes
jordin sparks - freeze
ressa herlambang - menyesal
miley cyrus - fly on the wall
*7 perkara yang amat bernilai
my papa
my mama
only one bro
my someone
my babes ; i miss u guys soo much ! mwa.mwa.
my friends
*7 pertama kali dalam hidup saya

first time cry when i was born
first time eat when my mum breastfeeding
first time baby laugh when papa tickling me
first time walk when i was 1 years old
first time being a sister when angah was born
first time date my monkey love boy, i was form 1
first time talk with HIM on his bufday :))))))
*7 perkara selalu sebut

love you

miss you
oh ! ok ~
ey ?
*7 orang yang aku nak tag
sis bashah
sis rozie

be who you are and say what you feel ~ you are what you think about. Express urself freely. Have a nice day everyone !! *hugs* xoxo :)))))))
Love ;
Illi Ainaa


elL said...

kak illi comeyyy...
will answer ur tag later ok.
dun wori, i will..

Miss Eyda said...

kak illi..kitak di tagg!!

prebetsabu said...

dah mula balik ke demam tag bloggers ni

ndlaw said...

herm... anda d tagg?
wat ever la....
just want to say hai n have a nice holiday.

cz said...

illi... bile nak hapdet blog lagi?rindu kamu....